Michael Garate

I’m a Musician and Software Engineer. I previously worked at LinkedIn building Production Infrastructure and at Etsy leading the Machine Learning Infrastructure team.


On the Web 🏄

(music) Post-classical Piano EP “Shamrock”

“Shamrock” is a collection of piano improvisations with touches of electronic and orchestral elements. It is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and other streaming apps. The recordings feature relaxed meter, meditative soundscapes, and hopeful melodies. Influences include Goldmund, Balmorhea, Nils Frahm, Sophie Hutchings, and Air.

(article) Distributed Firewall for Network security at LinkedIn

LinkedIn uses iptables to enforce firewall rules on over 300k hosts. This article describes the client-server architecture that makes it possible to distribute and monitor the rules at scale.

(code) Optimizing fastText vector exports

Etsy uses fastText to generate word vectors for a variety of ML applications. This optimization allows fastText to serialize floating point values using multiple cores, which reduced the runtime of many Etsy workloads from hours to minutes.